3 Secret Tips for Shopee. Better than doing Ads.

Think you know all about doing sales on Shopee. Did you know that you probably get better results by doing the following on Shopee rather than just spending massive amounts of $$ to increase your store visibility?

Here’s how.

Tip 1: Consistently add new products to your store.

By constantly uploading new items to your store, it shows that you are spending time and effort on the maintenance of your store, rather than just having the same old listings always. This keeps your overall store ranking highs and also showcase new items as priority at the top of search. This gives you free organic rankings and help with getting organic traffic.

Tip 2: Promotions & Campaigns

Do short crazy promotions. Today’s customers are no longer easy satisfiers, they are looking for the best budget deals, crazy discounts and wherever they feel they are getting the win. Example: doing a 90% off a $150.99 discount deal is much better than doing a 20% off a $18.87 item. Both actually transact at the same price. Campaigns are a good way to sink this in. Try to tag it to a campaign submission for maximum effect.

Tip 3: Work on your images

Make new Images to engage the customers. Customers gets tired of the same picture always. If you are serious about your business and product. Renewing the item once in a while will help it gain renewed interest on the item.

So there you go, the 3 secret tips to increase your store sales. If sponsored solutions have been working for you. Congrats. do continue to do them. But if the cost doesn’t justify the returns, then you should probably be considering the above recommendations.

Need help staying consistent? Let our ops team here at Godata.digital help you with it.