5 Free Simple Secret to Supercharge WordPress Website 2024 Edition

5 Simple Tips to speed up your website.

  1. Enable Auto-Updates: Enabling auto-updates will keep your site free from bugs and compatibility issues. Just go to your plugins page. Check all plugins and click on Auto-update.
  2. WordPress and database Updates: Everytime you see a notification at the top of your wordpress dashboard, remember NOT TO ignore it. Keeping your site update will prevent compatibility issues and any lagging of your site.
  3. Install Optimization plugins:
    1. Litespeed Cache – This cache plugin will keep archived pages of your site so it loads faster if a customers comes back the 2nd time
    2. Bulk image resizer – Resize all your images to a smaller size with the click of a button. Set Max width and height and have all your images re-calibrated for performance
    3. Imagify – Optimize your images and convert them to a fast browser based format Webp. This will ensure your images load fast without any lossless resolutions.
  4. Keep site lightweight: Limit image backgrounds while keeping text within the confines of standard fonts. Adopt minimal designs to your site. This will also help in designing for mobile-responsiveness.
  5. Image and CSS Scripts optimization: Use Litespeed cache to set your scripts optimization. This will ensure scripts run fast without much delay.
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