Why we no longer help our businesses create websites.

Creating websites is a complete waste of resources until you know what you truly want to publicize. Fact is, search engines have gotten so good(they have to), in order to filter out the best from the pack. NEVER EVER make the mistake of creating another one of the many other pages out there already live on the internet. When you create a page, list a product or list your services, you should have a very clear direction of your purpose and motivation. What is it that your business provide and what is it that you really want to put out.

When we first partnered with JJTrustedSvcs for their website development, we sat down to understand their service specialty, what they required and how we can structure the site to become more than just another accounting service out there. What we DIDN’T do was to talk about domains, hostings, CMSses and other technical jargons. We made sure they understood the digital aspects of their marketing efforts and zoom into what truly will make clients click.

After which, we created the website completely handsoff. Requiring minimal efforts for our client and keeping things as simple as possible. Finally, the site was published within 2-3 weeks of initial contact. Talking about ease of service.

Because our team was able to keep things simple and easy. We were able to lower our prices and make the entire experience surprisingly effective for our client. They’ve since gotten their first clients and moved on to further their marketing in the digital space.

At Godata.digital, this is what we do. We connect your businesses to consumers through our value creation services. We don’t create websites, we create value. This is why our clients consistently come back to us for more digital help. They also recommend their clients to us and that is how we grow organically. We never overpromise or take on dirty tricks just to get that additional 1 or 2 customers. We work hard with our clients to serve them digitally over the long term. Value-ing our clients is how we keep our services in check and satisfied consistently to never want to leave us.

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