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Who are we?

GoData.Digital stands as a premier outsourcing business consultancy firm, distinguished by our meticulous analysis of customer behavior. Our commitment to unvarnished truth sets us apart; we understand that your business necessitates candid insights. Our methodology is centered on delivering tailored solutions that cater to your specific needs. Our service fee is but a modest fraction of the comprehensive efforts we invest. We firmly believe that genuine collaboration commences with tangible results that benefit both you and your business. The services we provide include: Business Consultancy and Data Analysis, Handling and Execution, Web Design, Accounting, Audit, Payroll, Taxation Consulting. Click here for a full list of our services.

Why we are better?

Our team’s gratification hinges on elevating your market presence. Analogous to your enterprise, our focus centers on your contentment as our esteemed clientele. Our ardor is vested in witnessing the realization of your corporate and fiscal aspirations, transcending pecuniary considerations. Join hands with us to embark on this collaborative journey. Do permit us to evolve along side with you. What makes us different is we prioritize exceeding expectations through our commitment to over-deliver rather than making lofty over-promises. In alignment with prevailing industry practices, we abstain from making unfounded sales promises. Instead, we extend to you a concrete GUARANTEE. Following our dedicated 30-day service tenure, should your contentment with our services, counsel, or reports be unmet, we invite you to apprise us, and a seamless departure can be arranged.

How did we started?

Established in 2019, GoData.Digital was conceived to address the burgeoning demand for nuanced sales and data comprehension among clients, initially focusing on E-commerce Data Analysis. Our offerings swiftly expanded into comprehensive consultancy services, navigating the confluence of E-commerce, Data Analysis, and Consultancy. In a swiftly evolving landscape, our mission is to equip businesses with agility, leveraging current technologies and insights to decipher intricate market dynamics. We are resolute in our belief that sustained business relevance is pivotal for survival and prosperity, ardently guiding clients to thrive amid perpetual transformation.


Analysis done


Data Secured


On-Time Delivery


Satisfied Clients

Your data tells everything about your customers and your business. So this is what we take the most pride in doing.
We work within your deadlines. Data is simple and easy to comprehend. Our job is not to throw you a sheet of figures. Our job is to let you comprehend the issues at hand.
Your data is important. This is why its also our priority. Our data is stored in the cloud with data encrypted using digital locks so your data can never be compromised.

500+ Satisfied Clients cannot be wrong. Your satisfaction is our utmost priority. And we stand by our words.

Don't Believe? We occasionally provide some services on trial to offer customers a sneak peak to what they can get by engaging us!

Beginner Packages

Mass-Market Ready Services. You can use this as long you are selling on these platforms.

What others say

How we've helped others with Data
Our wholesale business was hit by covid and we were looking for additional sources of income online. My staff recommended selling on Lazada to increase revenue as a means to support the business during the down period. It was really tough initially, with few orders, bad logistics and finance management was basically non-existent. We had to manually record all our orders down on Excel, and it was tough. Give up after the first 2 months, then we met Lawrence. He helped first with strategically listing the products for easy reference, structuring and coaching my staff on the online mechanics and how to properly use the platform. Introduce lots of helpful software to ease the burden of selling online. When it comes month-end, he professionally exported the data from the platform and give me a complete and comprehensive overview of my sales. Simple and clear. I can clearly see whats moving and whats not. Now, together, we are moving on to Shopee and other platforms. Our online business is basically starting to turn positive . Hopefully, one day we can go off without retail completely.

Mark Vinh

CEO, SeasonWear Apparels, VN

When Lawrence approached us, we were already doing pretty well. We were on level 6 of Lazada and sales was coming in on a regular basis. However, he told us that he could help us streamline our figures and analyze whats working best for us and what's not to further improve on our business. I was skeptical at first as there've been so many "so-called" business consultant that approached us telling us they could help us with the business. However, what changed me later was his determination to get us onboard. He gave me a guarantee saying if for any reason we are not satisfied, we could just walk away. This was what got me and I've never looked back since.


Marketing Exec, Colette & Lola, ID

Been one of the company's first few client and had a personally close relationship with Lawrence and Jack. Jack personally handles my account and helps in explaining my company's sales and financials in clear plain sight. Lawrence was always ready to assist whenever I met with an issue. I love this company because they stand out from the other businesses whereby they really take your business as theirs. Sometimes, they can be pretty persistent with their advise. But I do know they meant no harm. Sometimes felt really bad for turning their advise on deaf ears.. But one thing good tho, they'll never force you to take up any of their advise. The final decision is on you. And they just know when to back off. Been over 6 months and will definitely continue working with these guys.

Roy Chan

Marketing Exec, Bibi and Baba, SG

When I met Lawrence for the first time, I thought he was going to be just like any other salesperson armed with the usual sales pitch and pricelist to sell us. However, he's surprisingly different. He asked whats my greatest concern and immediately dwelve straight to understand my business and processes. The whole pre-brief was reletively easy and Lawrence was more of understanding your business and processes and how he and his team can help you. We allocated some of our platform access to him and within 1 week, he was able to get back to us with the results of how our team was progressing and how we could move on. The whole experience was relatively pleasing.

Edward Lee

G.K Enterprise

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