Top 10 Lazada Seller Checklist 2022

1) Optimize the listing, Not the Store
What we meant is completely over-decorate your per listing description page.
Forget the store because most of the time, its not part of a consumer’s journey of purchase.

2) Target your titles
Your titles are important. Just like putting your products on eye-levels in departmental stores and supermarkets.
If its not seen, its probably not going to work for you.

3) Campaigns, Campaigns, Campaigns
Did you know that, on average, campaigns can effectively increase your traffic by up to 50%.
Successfully, submitted campaigns via your AM, can help to boost up to 90% traffic organically to selected products.
Recent Algo Update: Get increase traffic flow when you go to traffic boost price. Try that as well. It works.

4) What’s your value proposition?
What is it that you are selling? Is it unique, does it have a USP? Do you have competitors? What makes you different?

5) Branding and Fellowship
Do you have a brand? Is it your own brand? Or are you promoting someone else brand? Do you have exclusivity?
Generate store followers. Give FREE Gifts. Offer vouchers. Use Seller Feeds. Let people know about your brand.

6) Seller Picks (Marketing Centre->Traffic Tools->Seller Picks)
You are a fool if you are not using this.
Its basically there for you. Fill it up with your best selling products.

7) Sponsored Search (Marketing Centre->Sponsored Solutions->Sponsored Discovery)
Its not really just about doing it.
You really need to optimize on the specific keywords and get your listings at the correct place.

8) Sponsored Affiliates
Attribution period is 7days. So you want to open your affiliates 7 days before the start of your campaign.
When platforms are covering expenses to get traffic to convert. You should also hype up on the lead generation.

9) Getting outside Exposure(Facebook, linkedin, tweet, Network)
If you believe in your brand and your products, you need to get it out there.
Doesn’t matter if its Shopee or Lazada you are selling in. They are just a selling platform. They do not have the obligation to market your products for you.
Get it out there and make sure people can find you on the platforms. Its important.

10) Analyze your Sales
What’s selling without understanding your customers?
Talk is cheap. What your customers are taking money out for is probably what they believed in.
Check your sales. Analyze buying patterns and find out ways to take your business to the next level.
Wasting time is not your forte? Engage us today and see what we can do for you.