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Shopee Summary of Cost and Expenses

Shopee Summary of Cost and Expenses

Running a business selling to 3rd party marketplaces can be different from running it yourself. While competition within Shopee increases,

Lazada Summary of Cost

Lazada Summary of Cost and Expenses

While competition within platforms increases, sellers need to constantly monitor their costs for goods sold to ensure sufficient profits and

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Here ‘s how we created magic with our client’s Digital business and sites to help them grow and find their own unique path to success.

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See how Japanese Craftsman make their swords

Japanese swords have always been more than just weapons, they were artworks, status symbols, and throughout history had a huge spiritual importance.  Each sword is a unique artwork and one that is made to be admired as you would a painting. As sheets of steel are folded into each other again and again wood grain-like patterns form, and these patterns coupled with the skill of the swordmaster create a completely unique blade.