FAQ and General Questions

The answers we hope you have before you come knocking on our door. 


We know you have doubts. Lets see if this helps to resolve your enquiries

1) What is GoData.digital?
Ans: Godata.digital started out as a Data Analysis company in 2019. We process data sets for our clients who wants to know what their market is telling them. Over the years, with the clientele base we have, we expanded into Digital Agency whereby our clients contact us for any Digital needs they require.

2) If i only have 1 item, can i still engage Godata.Digital services? Or do you guys only work with big corporations?
Ans: We work with clients from a diverse array of business backgrounds. We’ve handled accounts that are 1 product businesses to 500 product businesses. Every single business is unique and what we do is tailored to our customers’ needs on what they would want to achieve. If you are unclear, do feel free to set up a meeting with us to discuss more about your digital business in-depth. 

3) Can Godata.digital Guarantee my sales?

We understand how much your ROI means to you as a business. That’s also one of the most common concerns our clients have. As much as we do want to promise you the returns on your expenses. Your growth and returns depends on a lot of other factors such as product value, level of investment, pace of your business and industry type. 

That being said, for products and businesses that we are able to work with on the long term, increasing sales is never an  issue. The only question you will have is “how fast your sales will grow”.

In the event we see a declining industry or something that might not work well with your company, we might advise you to shorten the pain. Since, its all about securing and growing your finances in business. 

4) If Godata.Digital cannot guarantee sales, why do I need them?

As brutal as it may sound, not every business venture will be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. Our tailored services lets you see your path a lot clearer. By understanding your business and how it ties into the local community and your market at large, we are able to advise you when you should no longer be spending more time on your business. Our network and connections will also be able help you achieve what you want accomplished faster and quicker.

5) How can GoData.Digital’s service help me?
Ans: Well, it really depends on what your business requires. We provide a whole suite of business services from Digital transitioning, to Marketing, to Paid online services all the way down to accounting and book-keeping. Starting off as a data company, our expertise is in using data to analyze consumer behaviour and psychology. We assist your team to make the correct decision based on past data. Most of our clients approach us for our E-Commerce service. This is probably the most common service businesses and individuals look at us for.

Our normal flow commonly goes like this.

      • Understanding your business requirements and defining objectives
      • Data Collection and Compiling
      • Data Cleaning and Processing
      • Statistical Analysis
      • Hypothesis and Formulation
      • Evaluation and Interpretation

    This can be anything from improving operational efficiency to working on your sales strategies. We believe that a better company structure is the way to further expand your business.

    If for any reason you are not satisfied with our service, we don’t even want your money because we don’t deserve it.

    6) How long will your service packages take to see results?
    Ans: Results should come along within 3-6months time.
    Marketing and Digital Sales is an ongoing process and it will take dedication and hardwork. The companies that we work with normally have issues that they want to resolve or growth direction that they want to achieve. Our duty is to help them reach there faster.

    7) Do I or my company staff still need to work on the project if i engage your services?
    Ans: Yes & No. Depending on the type of services. Our business packages does not include manpower services. Our consultants do not engage in the daily BAU tasks. Should you require additional manpower on execution of our recommended strategies, you can engage our hired hands service.
    You will require someone to be working on the project liason from your end.
    However, hand-holding guidance will be provided from our end.
    Everything that you will need to do will be provided by us and we will guide you through the process.

    8) Why are there no portfolio brands or past works?

    We respect the privacy and confidentiality of our clients, some of whom prefer to maintain a low profile. Due to our contractual obligations, we are unable to publicly disclose information about certain situations or brands we work with.