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We worked tirelessly with our warehouses in China to provide a seamless and easy to manage remote Global Ecommerce System to sellers all over world to sell to the World. Let your products reach Global Exposure. Test your product in the Global Stage and explode your growth limitlessly.

Sell from China to the World

Don’t stop within your own community. Have a winning product? Sell Globally from the largest sales network in the World

Up to 8000 orders/seller/day

With Automation and AI, each of our warehouses is able to process up to 8000 orders per day. Hands off your backend operations while focusing on the sales and Marketing of your business.

Automation helps with our operational Needs.

See our machines in Action

Storage facilities in China -

Product Variety Catering

Large item Storage. From Home Appliances to Packaging Materials to Raw Materials like pulp and Coal. Logistics in China

Warehouse upkeep

Multi-level stacking. Our warehouse is neat, professionally arranged and digitally managed. Access your inventory globally from our centralized inventory system. products in China Warehouse

Large areas to accomodate

Large areas allocate sufficient spaces to place your items to ensure your products are not damaged. 

南岗 port logistics

Near Port

Our warehouses are near to port so you save on the distance to move your stocks to and Fro within Mainland.

Our Services

Don’t let the hassle restrain you. Contact us and see how we can collaborate to grow your sales!

WMS system

WMS System

Our professional System will allow managing your business remote capabilities from 0-100. 

Explode your Sales

We handle end-end backend processes to manage your fulfilment needs. You simply run the sales and let us handle the rest.

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