Focus on this 3 Topic Types to write good Content

If you want to write good content, focus on this 3 types of topics to write about. 4 mins read.

The best way to write good content is to understand your readership perspective. One best way to do so is to look at the type of articles you yourself will click into, or the types of topics you will search for. Here are 3 category of articles you can focus on to write good content:

Topic types for powerful content

Knowledge-Based Articles

These are pieces that aim to educate your readers about you are familiar with or an expert in. Maybe something like Digital Marketing or SEO. It could also be something in line with what you do. Say ie: if you are selling shoes, you can educate your customers about something they don’t know about shoes. An example could be the difference between Genuine and Faux Leather. Some topics might already be in existence, so you need to do the proper keyword research and content research to make sure your articles are competitive within the keyword you will be writing about. Your articles need to show that your readers you are the best at what you are writing about. Create something that they will be keen to find out about. Put yourself into their shoes and what types of questions they might ask when they search for this keyword. This is known as intent that search engines are consistently looking to match.

News Topics and Trending Topics

It could be a trending topic, such as the latest advancements in AI or the intricacies of the Crypto market. By subtly connecting these subjects to your business, you not only add value to your content but also establish a direct connection to current market conditions and affairs. Stay updated with recent events and use them as a springboard for your content. Timely topics like the recent Indonesia TikTok ban or market recessionary pressures are of great interest to many. Write about sentiments and how the entire industry is going. Writing about these subjects not only engages your readers but also maximizes Click-Through Rates (CTR) due to the high level of curiosity surrounding them.

Lasting Popular Topics

Topics such as Dropshipping, Ecommerce has a longer time frame and wider spectrum of market interests. Leverage tools like Google Ads Keyword Planner or SEMRush to identify keywords that are currently in demand. While these tools provide valuable insights, it’s important to note that they may reflect past data. Therefore, exercise caution and look for generic keywords with a broad readership base. This approach ensures that your articles reach a wider audience, tapping into a larger market.


The best way to write good content starts from understanding your readers’ perspective. Never write for the sake of writing; rather, make it a consistent habit to create articles that provide real value to your audience. Remember, quality always surpasses quantity. Every topic you choose to write should aim to resonate with your readers, providing them with valuable insights or information. By understanding your audience’s perspective, you not only enhance your content’s relevance but also foster a stronger connection with your readership. This approach sets the foundation for successful content creation and ultimately contributes to the growth of your business.