The 3 components that make up a website

What are the 3 main components of any website. Most of our customers are still asking us the same questions. The article addresses them.

Alot of our SME clients are still not very sure of what a website actually comprise of. This is an easy guide for you to understand the individual components of a website.

A website comprises of 3 main components, mainly a Domain Name, Hosting and a Site Design.

The 3 components that make up a website

To establish a functional online presence, the first step is to register your domain name with a reliable registrar like Namecheap.
A domain name is like a signboard to your online store or business. It allows potential customers to find you. So lets say you go to This domain name will redirect you to Apple’s website online. Domain name costs range from $10 to $1000s per year based on your chosen name. Domain names can be hard to come up with especially with a saturated market for names today. If you’re struggling with your efforts to come up with a creative business name, ChatGPT can assist in generating ideas

Following that, you’ll need a hosting account.
A hosting account essentially provides you with the digital storefront for your business. This server space, ranging from $10 to $200 per month based on your requirements, allows potential customers to explore your products and services. For optimal reliability, consider user-friendly hosting accounts like GoDaddy or HostGator. Larger enterprises might opt for cloud solutions to enhance site efficiency.

Finally, invest in a well-crafted site design
A well crafted site design is comparable to renovating your digital storefront. While having a storefront and signboard is essential, having a good site design is crucial for easy navigation, healthy conversions, and increased credibility across search engines. This design not only helps potential customers explore your website but also boosts your online visibility, attracting valuable traffic.

All-in-one Website Builders vs Custom Build Site Designs.

Website builders like Shopify or Wix provide convenient, all-in-one functionalities that simplify website management. These platforms offer standardized templates, making them user-friendly for solo website owners. However, the drawback lies in their limited customization options. Due to mass-marketed systems, these builders cater to a broad range of businesses, restricting unique features. They are ideal for individual business owners seeking an easy learning curve and hassle-free implementation.

On the other hand, custom-built websites, while more challenging to implement, offer unparalleled flexibility and customization. SMEs with a reasonable budget should opt for custom solutions to establish trust and credibility. This approach ensures a reliable online presence tailored to specific business needs.

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