The Gig Economy – Freelancers vs Perm Hires.

Freelancers can provide quick fixes to jobs that require immediate attention. Say, if you need a one-time gig for namecard design, or a website created, freelancers could probably be the better option than your permanent hires.

Today’s economy is so fast changing, whatever you need today might no longer apply tomorrow. This is the reason the entire market is moving towards a gig economy. You get jobs done for a fraction of the cost as there is less time needed for gig providers. Gig providers simply execute the task and say bye. Don’t expect too much of post service after clicking on the gig confirmation button. By asking for less, you pay less too. The cost justifies itself for the risk of not having the final work fit into your intended usage.

If not Freelance, then what should I use?

Permanent hires can be a great option if you want someone by your side to handle stuffs on your behalf. Nowadays, some  permanent staffs have even evolved into thinking soldiers rather than manual staffs that handle routine work. Its a good thing since it helps your company grow stronger. Permanent hires can be cultivated. Its more like a baby you groom to execute like you wish to. You are able to mold them into the way you would like them to be, think like the way you want them to be and work hand-in-hand with you to grow them to something worthy of your company.

But the new world is changing so quickly, my main priority is survivability, I’m all alone. how do I find the time to groom such great perms?

This is where we come in. provides instant low cost digital operation executives that help with your daily operations and help keep matters in track. Our skilled digital staffs are just like your right hand man. We attach them just like your perm staffs ready to quickly adapt to your immediate operations and mould your way into your company. Just require a short stint? We’ve got you covered. No worries about commitments too because they are not part of your in-house team. Our skilled operators think for you on the digital front. Guide you to the most efficient way of executing your directions and fulfill your needs on the business front.