SEO is Overhyped. This is what Digital Marketers want you to believe.

If you think SEO is the first thing you need to focus on after your website goes live, that’s probably where you are absolutely wrong.

What is SEO

SEO, also known as Search Engine Optimization, is a term coined to make webpages relevant to search inputs. Its a digital marketing technique to get organic, or FREE, traffic. By getting your webpage turn up in top 10 results of a search can bring about immense digital traffic and in turn help bring in massive traffic for your Digital business.

The Misconception

However, here is what most people get wrong.

SEO is probably the last thing in your digital marketing arsenal that you want to be focusing on.

Yes. Its good to have your website ranked for several crucial keywords closely related to your business. However, this should only be applied in the later stages of your business. For a start, getting ranked for just your site name should suffice in getting your business the necessary traction.

Getting ranked for additional keywords should only occur after you discover what your clients or potential clients tend to be searching for relating to your business. Or even better still knowing what keywords they are using to locate your business digitally. Plus, there’s only optimization work to be done after your site is indexed.

The Correct Approach

We normally recommend for clients taking up our website designing services to focus on other aspects of their digital marketing rather than focus much on SEO. Only low quality service providers will sing praises on the benefits of having website optimization efforts on search engines. Some of our most successful clients are not the ones who focus much on SEO, but are the ones to take on aggressive exposure approaches like Social Media Marketing, Mass communications, PR and Engagement, Email Marketing to push out their website. By doing so, they generate hype and publicity over their brand, driving the traffic to search for their website.

There really isn’t a need to optimize your website for search engines because this should be done automatically by the search engines. Your duty as a website owner should be to focus on creating great content and provide valuable information to serve the public. Search engines act as powerful aggregators to bring those content to the required public. Should there be any immediate opportunity that requires your page to be ranked fast, you should consider looking into SEM to help you get the traffic for your required service. Organic results might just take too long for your offer to be discovered. Its no surprise though since what can you expect from something FREE, right?

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