Shopee AI Designer perfects one click Store Decoration

A year after the launch of its One-click Store Decoration, Shopee seems to have perfected the functionalities to make their automated shop decoration much better. 

From just using generic template designs to adapting customized designs to suit current product catalog, this one-click functionality indeed saves the time required each time a store revamp is required to keep things afresh. 

Shopee’s One-Click AI store decor AI analyze your products, check your details and deliver 4 designs that you can instantly adapt to your new Shopee Store. Just take a look at how easy it is. 

If your human designer have already perfect designs for your business, you should probably skip this. However, if you are having difficulty just trying to make your store alittle different from the rest of the shopee untended stores, you might just want to give this a try.

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