Tips to Better Manage Shopee Seller Accounts

Here are tips to better manage your Shopee Seller Accounts.

1) Pre-Set Vouchers are a relatively good way to prevent lost of sales due to expired vouchers.

There are 3 different Campaign/Sale dates per month.

  • Double digit Sales
  • 15th Mid Month
  • 25th Payday Sales

Set regular vouchers pre-start of each month in between these date periods. If you are nominating special vouchers for campaign dates, exclude those periods

2) Nominate Products for campaigns Early and Vouchers for campaign Late.

Campaign vouchers are pre-shown early once they are approved. If you are giving out a bigger and more exclusive voucher for a Mega Shopee Campaign, that could affect your current running sales, and viewers might wait till campaign date before purchasing.

Tip: its best to wait till an hour before nomination end to submit your campaign vouchers.

3) Compare “Past ‘x’ days” Metrics in Business Insights -> Product Performance

Depending on your sales and run rate. Comparing your past x days metrics against the previous months is always a good indication of how well your store is doing. If its on track to do better or worst off for the month.