Top 10 Shopee Seller Checklist for 2022

1) FREE 4 hour bumps
Did you know that there are free bumps every 4 hours to boost your product rankings?
Don’t even think about the effectiveness. Its Free! So just use it. Every 4 hours.

2) Shopee Ads
Straight up! Shopee Ads are cheaper than Lazada Sponsored Search Ads.
Per click amount based on our generic analysis have proven that ads are cheaper on shopee over a range of items.
Tip: Don’t ad it and stop there. You need to constantly check your front-end to make sure its running.
You are paying for it. Make sure it runs. Else find out whats wrong.

3) Vouchers & Discount Promotions (Marketing Centre->Vouchers)
Here are the vouchers you need to set.
– Vouchers: x3
– Follow Prize: x1
Discount Promotions
– On all your items

4) Top Picks(Marketing Centre->Top Picks)
You are probably missing this. But you need at least 1 collection.
This will allow you to show some of the best selling items on your listing page on Mobile.
Tip: Sort it by Best selling/New Items – less popular items.

5) Go Mall!
There’s always a different between Mall and Marketplace.
Increased Exposure for Mall sellers are not just anecdotes, they are proven.

6) Feeds (Shopee App->Feeds)
Did we mentioned that you need to do feeds regularly to engage your followers? Whats the purpose of having many followers but not following up on them?
Feeds provide a way for you to share info and updates on your products, to let people know more about your items and give them reason on why they should buy it.

7) Chat Broadcast (Customers->Chat Broadcast) Shopee Mall Exclusive
Sales is all about influencing your customer’s purchase decision. Shopee does a wonderful job at that.
Chat broadcast will allow you to connect even closer to your customers. Make sure you use up all your quotas available in your account.

8) Shop Flash deals
Shopee allows you to create your own flash deals.
Created limited time discounts tagged to campaign dates and mega campaign flash events for maximum effect.

9) Decorate Store. Use templates
Unlike Lazada. Shopee has a higher clickthrus for storefronts.
Use their custom storefront templates to help you with your storefront decoration.

10) Add on the Bumps (Growth->Seller Missions)
Simple tasks to do to increase your accomplishments. Complete them to increase your limit for more marketing exposure.
You need to run these stuffs so you get free credits and bumps for more marketing.

Check! Check! Check! Always walk the ground. Browse through listings. Understand your market, industry and competitors.
Advise For Beginners: Learn from what others are doing (Don’t steal others idea).
Advise for Experts: Improv current strategies. See what others are doing and move a notch up.