One simple tip to future proofing your Website 2024 forward Ready

Its a competitive world out there. Just having another website is no longer sufficient. However, unless you’ve got a really useful functionality for driving visitors, spending huge dollars to create an app might not be that wise of a choice after all.

How to make your website stand out?

A simple way to make your website stand out today can be as simple as adding simple motion effects for sections of your website. You see, today’s internet media revolves alot around video and motion graphics. Consumer’s eyes have been conditioned to adapt to moving graphics rather than static images. By creating sections that make the viewing of contents of your website feel like watching a video will increase customer’s retention.

How to do it?

If you are developing your website on WordPress, the easiest way to do it will be via elementor. On elementor, you can easily select motion effects in Elementor’s WYSIWYG editor.

This will set individual sections or blocks to move in as your page scrolls towards that section. This will help your site feels and look more prepared for the new age.

Try it! Start creating a moving page and create an impression.